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Joey Sparkz
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January 2010
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Joey Sparkz [userpic]

I've been long overdue for an update, heh. I'll have to do a real post later- for now I'm posting this from my blackberry, as I'm out and about atm :)

I hope everyone has been doing well! I've gotten back into WoW recently and hit 80 two days ago. Fun times- its better that I'm playing with some of my family members. I don't think I could get back into hardcore raiding like I did back in the day. We'll see! I already have 4 epics in just 2 days <.<

Ttyl folks heh



Hehe, thankee Wulf :3 It shouldn't be hard at all to gear your furry butt up either once you get back- Turns out.. my brother Jake is one hell of a pimpin' tank, and will take us on multiple heroic runs.

All we need to do is find a good healer most of the time, which hasn't been that hard here so far :P


That aside, hey I miss ya bud! I hope your trip is going well and that you're having some fun working again and being all smarty pants and lasery and stuff xD

*Hugs ya tight*!!