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Joey Sparkz
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January 2010
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Joey Sparkz [userpic]
It's confirmed!!! :O

I'll be going to Bethesda, Maryland next month leaving on December 14th. :O I'll be gone for a week to train at one of HP's facilities for my VMware vSphere / VMware Cerified Pro course, courtesy of my workplace! :D

Crazy.. I've never gone out and done something like this on my own before yet! Last time I went on a trip was last year with a bunch of my other co-workers to Puerto Rico. But dis time iz just me! zomg!

VMware vSphere Course Overview

I'm kind of excited, and really nervous at the same time! Gotta find plane tickets.. rental car.. ways to and from the MN airport.. *le gasp*!

*wag wag wag*!

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*cheeeeeers!* That's awesome! :D Yay Joey!

Hehe, danke Teekabuttz :D *slobbers on ya*

*drips* D:

sweet :) it should be a wonderful opportunity for you :)

I'm really thankful for the opportunity ^_^ I hope I get to learn a lot and be able to bring it back and apply the knowledge here at work! I'd love to get more involved in the server infrastructre around here! Especially with the ESX server.

Dude that's gonna be sweet! I hope you can get some time to see the area. Bethesda is a very upscale suburb of DC. Lots of ritzy stuff to see and do there!! Wish you were staying over a weekend. I'd drive up and hang out with ya a bit!

Grats man, that's awesome!