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January 2010
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Joey Sparkz [userpic]
MFM 2009

MFM 2009 is done, and I had such a good time cathing up with old friends, meeting ones I knew online, and making brand new ones!

This is the first MFM for me, as well as the first time I've ever been that far south via car ride :) Its a hell of a road trip from MN to Memphis TN though dang.. 14 hours in the car :o

I'd like to thank carson10us for letting me run around in his 2nd suit the whole time, Cyclone to doberman puppy, and even once as the blue (guilty/innocent?) fox himself! I can't wait to see all the pics in the next few days post in the MFM community and over FA and LJ!

It wad such a pleasure getting to meet Malo Woof and Rory Husky in person (thank you guys a ton!), and especially nice to see Robfur again. I'm kinda sad MFF is out of the picture for him this year, but I totally understand why *sadface*. I hope you take good care of yourself Rob and get everything taken care of and such; also can't get your southern dialect out of my head :P

Since it was Frostbite's (carson10us) birthday this weekend (today actually), I had te DJ at one of the dances play Blue for him :3 I hope you had fun with that bud! Everyone make sure to harass wish the fox a happy b-day!

Now I'm in the car with wulfsige79 and wyngaed as we make the trek back up north where we belong :) I'll probably post another update tomorrow.



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Sounds like it was one hell of a time; shame I couldn't go due to..well...everything x3

But I'll be sure to catch up with yeah later on in the month >:3

that is some awesomeness to hear :D im glad you had a fun time with friends at the con :)

Glad to hear things went well, can't wait to see all the pics! We needs to hang yo! Its been so long :o

I was so happy to meet you, Joey! :D You and Wyn are awesome fantastic people. *hugs and smooshes* :D